We are expanding our services!

First of all, thank you to all of our customers who we have served over the last several years. What started out as a passion has turned into a viable business we are doubling down on. As you may know, Jade Panama is just part of the larger Jade Yacht Group. (Jade Yacht Sales, Jade Yacht Charters, Jade Yacht Management, and of course Jade Panama). We are passionate about boating and working hard to make our passion our careers.

To that end, we have begun to offer Canvas and Vinyl work to our list of services. We have had too many requests from customers that we can no longer ignore. There is simply not enough capacity in the current PNW ecosystem to service all the customers. Most companies are reporting wait times of 6-9 months for any canvas, vinyl, or isenglass work.

We will be striving to offer our customers quality work with lead times that can be measured in weeks and not months. We have already acquired much of the equipment and will taking orders shortly.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Jade Panama,

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